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We demand freedom for self-determination.
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The Lower Niger Congress is an aggregation of several Self-Determination initiatives of the Eastern Half of Southern Nigeria, being the Ethnic Nationalities spread across the combined pre-1966 Eastern and Midwestern Regions of Nigeria (now fractured into 11 States and currently described as the South-East and South-South geopolitical zones of Nigeria, coloured brown in the 4-Bloc map of Nigeria shown below) and more particularly described by the 1885 ethnolinguistic map of the Lower Niger Territory shown further below.

Map of Nigeria

Formally unveiled to the public, 2009 in Warri, after several years of unpublicized operations and collaborative outreaches to the rest of Nigeria, in what crystalized into the Movement for New Nigeria (MNN), an Alliance of the non-Sharia rest of Nigeria, (areas in blue and purple on the 4-Bloc Map), being the Yoruba contiguous territory and the Middle Belt respectively.

Low nigeria

The 1885 Ethnolinguistic Map of Lower Niger
The LNC, together with its MNN Alliance Partners (now the NINAS Alliance), posit that the defunct Federation of Nigeria, which collapsed irredeemably since 1966, must now be dissolved and dismantled into cohesive Blocs of independent Units of successor-states that may derive new Protocols with compatible, willing contiguities, post-Nigeria.

The LNC (and its NINAS Partners) holds that the simultaneous imposition and enforcement of Sharia since year 2000 by the 12 contiguous predominantly-Muslim States of the far North of Nigeria, (green on the 4-Bloc map), amounts to a Secession from the supposedly Secular Federation of Nigeria whose 1999 Constitution, flawed as it is, expressly forbids State Religion.

By this unilateral move, that Sharia Bloc has rendered any Union of Nigeria impossible.

The LNC further holds that since the adherents of Sharia owe it as an eternal duty of faith to kill the infidel, it has become imperative that the non- Sharia rest of Nigeria, particularly the Eastern half of Southern Nigeria which is completely Christian, must make alternative Constitutional arrangements for their own future.

The LNC proposes and is actively pursuing an orderly Devolution Plan, via Referendum (and Plebiscites where applicable), to build a prospective Lower Niger Federation, which is basically the 1967 Biafra plus the 1967 Midwestern Region of Nigeria, aggregating as a six-bloc sub-regional Federation of broadly cohesive and compatible Ethnic Nationalities groupings as clearly depicted in the aforementioned 1885 pre-Colonial ethnolinguistic map of the Lower Niger Territory, delineating these ethnolinguistic groupings. This 1885 map was adopted as the geographical basis of that Prospective Lower Niger Federation by the SOLEMN ASSEMBLY of Peoples of the Lower Niger in Port Harcourt on the 27th of April 2015, which also Mandated a Referendum to decide the future of the Territory, in keeping with the Self-Determination rights of the indigenous Ethnic Nationalities entrapped since 1914 in the failed Lugardian Experiment called “Nigeria”, and as enunciated by the appropriate UN Instruments on the subject.

An important Project Milestone was attained in which the three MNN (now NINAS) Alliance Blocs all Repudiated the imposed Apartheid-like 1999 Constitution as the basis of the Nigerian Federation and this brings the Project to the REFERENDUM threshold where the entrapped constituent component Blocs of the distressed Federation of Nigeria will in unfettered Self-Determination, decide the future of their various peoples.

A key document is “The Resolutions Of The Solemn Assembly Of The Peoples Of The Lower Niger Held Monday 27th April 2015” which can be found in the Archives section of this website. From it these three matters are of joyous note:

  1. The Charter of Relationships between Ethnic Nationalities is ongoing.
  2. At the appropriate time those who are eligible to subscribe to the Asset Protection and Guarantee Scheme (APGS) will be given the details. The APGS is to ensure that assets of the peoples of the Lower Niger that are situated outside of our Bloc, would not be lost by the owners (at least in value), on account of any changes in Nigeria.
  3. The historic Constitutional Force Majeure Proclaimed by NINAS on 16th December 2020 to decommission the illegitimate 1999 Constitution has opened up the way for a Referendum of the peoples of the Lower Niger on the question of Self-Determination, to decide who to be in any Union with, and how.

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The NINAS petition – “Register To End The 1999 Constitution Now! & Petition For Referendum!” is a means of expressing your desire for Self-Determination for your indigenous Ethnic Nation, and your desire to end Unitary Nigeria with all the injustices, frauds, and miseries that it represents.

You may wish to view the YouTube video titled: Nigeria At The Valley Of Decision Between Restructuring And Dissolution – LNC

You may wish to view the YouTube video titled: Lower Niger Congress On The “Biafra” Question 19th Feb, 2016 At The Igbo Conclave In Houston Texas

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