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2023 Presidential Election: The Dawning Of Reality For Igbo One-Nigeria Optimists And Phantom Biafra Zealots

Tony Nnadi,
21 April 2023

The 2023 Presidential Election has finally brought home the cold reality to Igbo optimists who convinced themselves that there was a great future for the Igbo in Unitary Nigeria (One-Nigeria) if one of their own (Peter Obi) becomes President and provides better leadership for Nigeria.

Coming on the heels of the unceremonious collapse of the phantom “Biafra Restoration” enterprise, it should now be clear to both Igbo One-Nigeria optimists and the Igbo phantom “Biafra Restoration” zealots that the future of the Igbo is neither in Unitary Nigeria nor in Phantom Biafra.

The clearest indication of this dawning of reality came from the bold, brilliant, yet sober dissection of the Igbo situation in Nigeria post-2023 Presidential Election, by an Igbo patriot, Chima Adiele who wrote as follows in a note addressed to Peter Obi:

“Honorable Peter Obi, I commend you on your efforts so far as a leader, and your achievement on March 25th general election in Nigeria. You put your life on the line for the sake of Nigeria. The zeal, energy, and resources that you put in are huge and Nigerians of all walks of life responded to your call for a new Nigeria. Nigerians have long been expecting a new Nigeria, but it is a fact that a new Nigeria is a figment of the imagination of those looking forward to it. It is an illusion. If the Supreme Court rules in your favor, you are going to be hamstrung by the same structural contradictions that bedeviled your predecessors. You will be subjugated by the imposed Constitution and the Caliphate masters who will be supervising you and your cabinet. At best you will be a loyal servant of the Fulanis, for maybe 8 years. This is what will happen; no question about it. They have the vote in their National Assembly and the Military to keep you in check. The court hearing has not even started, yet there are already some court filings to decapitate the party you ran under. I am not wishing you bad. Far from that I am simply telling it as it is. The Obidients should lower their expectations, curb their eagerness and tame their enthusiasm. There will never be a new Nigeria coming now or in the future.

There must be a Referendum to reconstruct the country. The Regions that existed before the Nigerian Civil War must vote to determine the fate of Nigeria. I am convinced that when this happens, what will emerge will never be a new Nigeria but three or four independent countries. You did not campaign on this, I am skeptical that you will dare to pay attention to the Referendum issue. I am afraid the zeal, energy, and resources you have put into this quest will be in vain. Nigeria will remain unworkable as you find it, a rolling stone that will never gather moss. A disappointment to you and your movement and the beat will go on and on. Your call to Nigerians for calm and to be steadfast is a misguided talk by a politician to gullible citizens who are still hoping for something new to latch on to. You should tell them the truth, no matter what it takes; they will listen to what you say and consider it. They already know that Nigeria is not working. You are fighting like a lion which you are.

Good luck.
Chima Adiele”

I agree with Chima Adiele’s line of reasoning and his conclusions. I will only add that the next logical question for the Igbo in Nigeria should be: “Where do we go from here?”

Considering the clear and present danger posed by the Fulani Conquest Agenda as well as the ominous reactivation of the 1967 Alliance, my unequivocal response to that question is to invite the Igbo to the NINAS Union Reconfiguration Template as being implemented by the December 16, 2020 Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure.

(Here is the link to an April 11, 2023 Article on the same subject: https://ninasmovementnews.substack.com/p/igbo-future-is-neither-in-phantom)

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