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LNC-NINAS Message of 17 April 2023: This is what we have always stood for, from the very beginning.

LNC-NINAS Message of 17 April 2023: This is what we have always stood for, from the very beginning.

April 17, 2023: Responding to some of the confused thoughts being expressed in different platforms about the nature of the War we are caught in and the viable routes of escape that may be available, Tony Nnadi on behalf of the NINAS Secretariat wrote as follows:

”It is a pity that with all our education and exposure, our first instinct is to not read what is placed before us but to go pontificating in Conjectures and Speculations.

•••First is to note that a simple Cause-Effect Analysis will immediately show why things are the way they are with us and so point us more accurately to what could be done to reverse our situation, and then the HOW of doing it will be dictated by a number of variables from which choose the most efficient.

If we do not proceed in this order, we merely spin around as one on a barber’s chair, sinking deeper into our morass.

•••Second, every single thing we lament and seek to change, flows from the Constitutional Arrangements imposed by the Conquest Agenda of the Fulani Caliphate which in 1966-1967, recruited for its own reinforcement, renegade elements from the Yoruba Flank, the Middle-Belt and the Non-Igbo Niger Delta, into an Alliance that isolated, encircled and subdued the Igbo East with the generous help of an Igbo old foe, Britain, (and its Allies).

•••The Campaign of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and its NINAS Allies is not, and has never been about the Amendment of Nigeria’s Constitution or even about just changing that Constitution with another.

It has always been about Taking Down and Dismantling that Constitution as a Strategy for freeing the hijacked Sovereignties of the captives of that Constitution (ie the Indigenous Constituent Component Peoples of ‘Nigeria’ including the Igbo).

Anyone still talking about Amendment of Constitution is simply discussing an entirely different subject far removed from, and unrelated to the LNC-NINAS Union Reconfiguration Campaign since the central contention of the LNC and its NINAS Allies is that We Neither Agreed Upon, Nor Made any Constitution which simply means that we have no Union, for which reason the NINAS Alliance leads a decisive push to Take Down and Dismantle that Constitution and all its impositions that effectively shackle us and others.

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