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The Igbo Future Is Neither in Phantom “Biafra” Nor in Fraudulent Unitary Nigeria

Tony Nnadi, LNC-NINAS,

11 April 2023

(Being a Response to lamentations from Igbo circles in the aftermath of Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential Election, coming on the heels of the brutal suppression of the “Biafra Restoration” Agitation).

The future of the Igbo is not in the Phantom “Biafra” anchored on propaganda and falsehood, with neither a definite Map nor any Strategic Plan that might dislodge the monster called ‘Nigeria’,  neither is it in Unitary Nigeria that finally emerged fraudulently from the ruins of the defunct Federation of Nigeria that died 1967, wrought by force of war and now defined by the Caliphate-imposed 1999 Constitution, (otherwise called “the Fraud of 1999”, being a reincarnation of the 1979 Constitution imposed as Victory Charter from the 1967-1970 War of Genocide).

Anyone who sought Igbo Redemption or built an Igbo future in either the said rogue Phantom Biafra or rogue Unitary Nigeria certainly acted in gross misdiagnosis, especially in the face of the alternative offered by the clearly defined NINAS Union Reconfiguration Template, built on an alliance of the rest of Nigeria that isolates the Caliphate enforcers of Unitary Nigeria and targets for wholesale decommissioning and dismantling, the Unitary Constitution of Nigeria which empowers that Caliphate.

The election boycott that was advertised by the rogue Biafra franchise was an attempt at plagiarizing the clearly articulated, totally different election shutdown proposition of NINAS which is an integral part of the five-point proposition of the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure activated on December 16, 2020.

”Election Boycott” entails abstention from voting at the Election; “Election Shutdown” entails the rejection and truncating of the entire electoral process in furtherance of the repudiation of the constitution mandating the election.

Amidst the totally unnecessary bloodletting thrust on Igboland by merchants of the  “Biafra Restoration” undertaking, the eventual unceremonious collapse of the “Biafra Restoration” enterprise, and now the daylight robbery accompanying February 25, 2023, Presidential Elections of Nigeria, we have seen the futility of both “Biafra Restoration” route and electoral route to Igbo Redemption in Nigeria.

With the resumption of the ferocious and murderous Federal Government-backed Fulani Conquest Invasion, especially in next-door Tiv Territories (Benue), the resumption of xenophobic attacks on the Igbo in Lagos, reminiscent of the 1966 Pogroms, as well as the rising prospects of the re-enactment of the June 12 imbroglio around the stolen mandate of Peter Obi, one would think that perhaps the time has come for the Igbo to rouse itself from debilitating sentiments and emotions, and seriously examine the Comprehensive Union Reconfiguration Template offered by the Joint Multi-Regional NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation of December 16, 2020, as already being implemented.

In making these assertions, I will invite all concerned Igbo patriots, home and abroad, young and old, pro-Biafra and pro-Nigeria, to a rethink, putting aside all previous thoughts on the most viable route out of the bondage Nigeria has become for the Igbo (and other Constituent Components of Nigeria).

It should now be a past debate that the core of the Igbo problem in Nigeria is the constitutional shackles and manacles imposed by the victorious Caliphate-led Alliance of 1967. The main question for the Igbo should then be: between pursuing the dismantling of those constitutional shackles and manacles imposed by Nigeria and pursuing the assumption of political power by way of the presidency of Nigeria under that debilitating constitution, which should be the Igbo priority at this time and what would be our strategy for achieving our extrication?

(The Biafra Restoration is now self-evidently meaningless for reasons stated earlier that it should not continue to feature as an option to be discussed towards Igbo Redemption.)

To aid that rethink, I will invite us to fully examine three project communication materials that have been in the public space.

(1) The ALADIMMA Epistle of 2012. Link here:

(2) The NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation of December 16, 2020. Link here:

(3) NINAS 7-Point Outline of Invitation, March 11, 2023 (a NINAS Toolkit). Link here:

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