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For Its Survival, Igbo Must Disown The Meaningless IPOB’s “Biafra Restoration” 

Lower Niger Congress
NINAS Secretariat
18 May 2023

This piece was originally published elsewhere on 16th December 2022 and is republished here with this short Introduction in the hope of waking up Igbo Nation to ITS RESPONSIBILITY to be active and involved in stopping the bloodshed going on in Igboland by rampaging criminal elements. This CALL TO ACTION is prompted by recent reports that IPOB had threatened to attack the town of Nnewi in Anambra State, and to do harm to its vigilantes. Here is a screenshot of one such news report of 16 May 2023, and the link to it is also attached below.

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Unless the ordinary Igbo, and the Igbo leadership collective find the courage to disown and repudiate in its entirety, the totally meaningless “Biafra restoration” gambit of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other modern-day “Biafra” brands, Igboland will sink deeper into ruins until it is completely destroyed, while the criminal merchants operating the rogue global Biafra franchise continue to play Russian roulette with the lives and livelihoods of millions of

The Genealogy of Mayhem in Igboland.
Nnamdi Kanu begat IPOB. IPOB begat ESN. ESN begat Unknown Gunmen. Unknown Gunmen, enforcing IPOB’s sit-at-home hokum, begat the mayhem raging like wildfire in Igboland. Igbo either calls off the rogue Biafra Restoration scam in its entirety or the rogue Biafra Franchise will set Igboland ablaze.

On account of deadly fights over the control of the Franchise purse [money], the rogue Biafra Franchise operated under the amorphous codenames and overlapping brands including “IPOB”, “ESN”, and “Unknown Gunmen” is presently fractured into no less than five factions, run as armed street gangs, some of which include the Chika Edozie’s DOS-controlled, Simon Ekpa’s Autopilot, Dr Nelly Ofoegbu’s “Idu” (new name for her faction of Biafra), Emma Powerful, Emmanuel Kanu (alias Fineboy, Nnamdi Kanu’s younger brother who inserts himself into the role of some kind of the second-in-command position to the utmost chagrin of the other IPOB factions), Chinasa Nworu (most notorious for murderous exploits of his faction of the street-gang Franchise) amongst many others.

At a time when the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure (Union Dispute) declared to force the resolution of the Sovereignty Question amongst the constituent components of the failed Nigerian Union, the Igbo and the Igbo leadership collective must find a way to loudly repudiate the totally meaningless “Biafra Restoration” gambit that has rendered Igboland blood-soaked and near-desolate, otherwise the Caliphate enemy that sought Igbo extermination  between 1966-1970 will operate under the limitless license of “Unknown Gunmen” offered them in Igboland by the rogue Biafra Franchise.+

IPOB street gang masquerading as freedom fighters because of their resort to unprovoked deadly violence and incitement to violence, have given the Federal Government an excuse to militarise Igbo land.
As we read daily, many innocent lives have been lost, killed by IPOB or by the state security services. This must stop! All this also delays the NINAS Plan for Sovereignty and Self-Determination. Therefore, Igbo Nation must arise and condemn, reject, and Repudiate IPOB, plus also the World Igbo Congress that is the enabler of IPOB/ESN.

Here is an advertorial by World Igbo Congress recklessly supporting IPOB/ESN, that is, a group of unvetted, unknown men, not under the control of the community, but under the remote control of a sole leader based abroad (Nnamdi Kanu), published in the Nigeria Guardian, January 2021.


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