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The Sacrilege Of Naming The Second Niger Bridge After Genocide-General Muhammadu Buhari Is An Insult That Will Be Accounted For

Lower Niger Congress

The Sacrilege Of Naming The Second Niger Bridge After Genocide-General Muhammadu Buhari Is An Insult That Will Be Accounted For

Tony Nnadi
24 May 2023

The fawning sycophancy of naming the Second Niger Bridge after Genocide-General Muhammadu Buhari does not change the Igbophobic Records and Testimonial of Buhari; it rather confirms the total disconnect between those Nigeria-made Igbo Governors and the Igbo general populace.

Is it not tantamount to brazen buffoonery for the Governors of the five Igbo States (mockingly described by Muhammadu Buhari as “Dot-In-Circle” on account of the heinous Constitutional Gerrymandering that resulted in those States being land-locked), to have chosen to join the enemy in urinating on the graves of the millions of the Igbo murdered by Buhari and his Confederates to keep Nigeria One via the Genocide of 1966-1970?

The true story of the Second Niger Bridge is too recent to be distorted in the manner that these misguided Governors have shamelessly tried to do.

For the records, it is well known that the in aftermath of the serial Political Gimmickry of the Obasanjo Administration regarding funding for the actual construction of the Second Niger Bridge (which continued into the Yar’Adua era), President Goodluck Jonathan finally defied all odds and advanced the bulk of the funding required to get the construction of the Bridge off the ground in earnest.

As a part of the vicious hounding of President Jonathan for leaning towards the Igbo, the 1967 Alliance masquerading as the Opposition Political Party of that period, found a way to introduce several controversies that stymied the construction.

Upon the 2015 emergence of Buhari as President, the Second Niger Bridge became one of the Projects that was deliberately pelted with Buhari’s trademark ‘Corruption’ charges and construction was halted for an extended period.

The reluctant resumption of construction work on the Bridge was largely compelled by the fear of losing the 2019 Elections, worsened by the real threat of disintegration of Nigeria, engendered by the intensified Separatist Agitations of the period. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Put plainly, Buhari was the main reason for the long delay of the completion of construction works on the Second Niger Bridge from the point when President Jonathan broke the political jinx that had lasted so long around the Project.

It is therefore an egregious insult on the collective psyche of the Igbo for the Igbo Governors, manifestly under the heavy influence of the Imo and Ebonyi renegades, to falsely present the Second Niger Bridge as a magnanimous gift to the Igbo by the disastrous Buhari Administration.

In addition to assuring that this horrible decision would be reversed at the earliest possible time, Aladimma (Igbo Caucus of LNC) will see to it that these wayward Governors of Igboland will be compelled to cleanse the land for this spectacular abomination they have committed.

Ndi Govano anyi ga’akwa ana for the sacrilege of naming the Second Niger Bridge after a man who has much Igbo Blood on his hands; who proudly flaunts his Genocidal Credentials against the Igbo and who makes no pretenses about his hatred for the Igbo.

Tony Nnadi.
Aladimma (Igbo Caucus in LNC)
May 24, 2023

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