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Igbo Renegades Endangering or Locking-Down Igbo Will be Called Out

Tony Nnadi

30 October 2023

Responding to a comment on an Igbo Diaspora Platform suggesting that the Teachings of NINAS should be done ‘Respectfully and in more Temperate Language’, Tony Nnadi wrote as follows:

”Igboland is today caught in a very dire situation no different from War. If after 20 Years of quietly seeking out and respectfully whispering to, and sharing with those who hold themselves out as Igbo Thought-Leaders, important information that could salvage the situation, they, in self-aggrandizement, adamantly continue to do the exact opposite of what is required, even as the enemy continues its onslaught on the Igbo, every harsh language will now be used, as loud as the occasion demands, to call out the renegades whether they be of Unitary Nigeria (One-Nigeria) or of Phantom Biafra (Rogue Biafra Franchise).

Be informed also that it may soon come to where steps will be taken to stop them by whatever means necessary.

We are executing a carefully calibrated Revolution to Defeat, Decommission and Dismantle the atrocious Constitutional Arrangements by which we and others are enslaved and being dehumanized by the monster operating in our spaces as “Nigeria”.  The matter therefore goes far beyond the question of Teaching and Learning as all that needs to be taught and learnt can be found in the NINAS website link
HERE: www.ninavoice.org and on the NINAS Voice YouTube Channel link HERE: https://www.youtube.com/@ninasvoice/videos

To tell you how incorrigible the fellows are, the immediate past Leadership of this same Ohanaeze, procured Olisa Agbakoba to file a Suit in Abuja, challenging Buhari’s lopsided appointments and claiming N50 Billion in Damages. That suit did not see the light of the day because the 1999 Constitution at S.6 (6c) expressly ousts the jurisdiction of the Courts (ie forbids the Courts) from entertaining any complaints in respect of any of the Provisions of Chapter 2 of that Constitution where you find the so-called “Federal Character” Provisions. I had quietly advised them not to go disgracing Igboland in the manner that they had done because the rest of Nigeria just laughed at us and carried on.

The worst part was that our People were rejoicing that their Leaders were fighting for them, and some (like the notoriously renowned retards in this Community) were making a caricature of the Decisive push to Take Down that Constitution.

When the Caliphate-led Alliance of 1967 (North and South-West) became terrified about the onslaught of Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and its NINAS Allies against the 1999 Constitution, their response (guided by Britain) was to float the so-called “Igbo Presidency” Project and our People jumped on the Trojan Horse, denigrating and debilitating the only viable route of escape which the onslaught on the 1999 Constitution represents for the Igbo and other trapped Constituent Components of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria.

We tried everything possible means to show them that the Igbo Presidency hokum was a set-up by the enemies of the Igbo as a containment design at a crucial time when the successful crashing of the Unitary Constitution of Nigeria being pursued by NINAS to FREE the Igbo and others was imminent.

Like people on steroids, and as they did with the “Biafra Restoration” scam, our People plunged heedlessly into what became the “Obidient Movement” which has now come to grief for the exact reasons we warned them about. The refrain back then was that “there was no harm in Trial”.

With the Disastrous collapse of both the “Biafra Restoration” gambit and the “Igbo Presidency” misadventure, has the time not come for the more enlightened Igbo to find the discipline to soberly examine what viable options of redemption are still available, rather than continuing in reckless gambles while our people die in large numbers and our Homeland sinks into deeper distress?”

– Tony Nnadi, October 30, 2023.

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